The Firm

About the Firm.


LAPPOT & REOLID LAWYERS was founded in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in 2011, following the union of professionals of the Law and Business, Spanish and Dominican.

From the very beginning LAPPOT & REOLID LAWYERS won a broad and solid reputation, not confined to the local level but extended to international level, thanks to participate fully as legal advisors to large municipalities in the country and processes at the state and area of ​​Centre America.

The firm has, today, 5 professionals, mostly lawyers from different legal disciplines and consultants, knowledgeable about the legal, commercial, financial, fiscal, accounting and labor. Its clients belong to the broader spectrum, therefore the sector in which it operates and its dimension.

It is well equipped, from large industrial corporations, very important public institutions such as the Presidency of the Republic itself, Comptroller, several superintendents, financial institutions and bank or chip companies, to family companies or “SMEs” dedicated to the most diverse activities without forgetting individual recognized professionals and entrepreneurs and partners of companies and non profit making of deep social roots.

We are committed to respect, responsibility, dynamism, efficiency, these are the values ​​of our firm:

The effort and perseverance of our entire team is key to our long-term and firm. We invest time to think about the future. We are dedicated to create and enhance long-term relationships with our customers.

We are committed to quality, good customer service, providing effective solutions and according to what the customer demand. We are partakers of constant innovation and to improve what we do in training.

We take care of our people, by valuing diversity and recognize the contributions offered by each member within our organization. We spend every day always thinking ahead. We build lasting relationships with our customers and committed.

We work together, providing the human talent, while we complement and provide value to our customer. We have common sense, which helps us to value and encourage attitudes in personal, cultural, social and professional level. Our priority is communication, we convey confidence, reliability and transparency.

Lappot & Reolid is a company committed to society, humanitarian rights and the environmental aspect of our planet. This commitment is part of our values and our culture as a professional firm.

We are also a company responsible with your team, we are convinced that in order to succeed in serving our customers is important to implement policies which individuals are first. We are a balance between professional and labor.

Within the responsibility of the firm, respect and conservation work and improving the environment they occupy a necessary pillar. Regarding the use of resources, we improve our service to society. The firm has an active policy in reducing paper consumption, reuse and recycling. We also have policies for responsible recycling toners and document destruction.


LAWYERS & REOLID LAPPOT not about being a law issues, but customers. The personalized and permanent attention to the peculiarities of the customer favors the establishment of relations of trust, stable and durable, they result in, proactive or anticipatory advice fluid and therefore more efficient.


The long career of office and the diversity of its customers have provided extensive experience on the nature and characteristics of virtually all economic sectors. This prior knowledge of the land on which their clients operate minimizes the time and effort required to deal with the resolution of their specific problems.


The office gives absolute priority to the continuing education of lawyers. Regularly organizes internal legal update courses on all specialties, where the most recent case law discussed or studied legislative developments since its formulation as mere draft law. It also publishes a daily newsletter which contains all information necessary for his lawyers have at all times in a fully updated legal knowledge.